Moving Out and Using a Relocation Service

May 15, 2009

This entry will have to be shorter than I originally envisoned because it’s a bit late and I’m utterly spent from the big event with the moving company today.

Darrel’s work is paying for the relocation, so we received a completely cost-covered moving service, which included the packing. However, I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the idea of having a moving service do my packing, and attempted to pre-pack as much delicate stuff as I could the days beforehand so that I could merely direct our moving guys to my pre-sorted stacks of stuff. I went a little overboard the day before with the prep work because I was exhausted and narcoleptic for most of today.

I’m one of those people who wraps everything in bubble wrap three times and tapes it shut, then writes a meticulous list of each box’s contents, so it was a little nerve-wracking letting other people handle the packing. However, the service, Crown Relocation, had sent some really nice guys. I tried not to pull a trip and just let them do their thing while I watched, although I piped up once after a prized high thread-count duvet was stuff into a dusty desk nook as packing material. We bought some Coke and pizza for them, made sure there was plenty of ice water on hand, and generally tried to stay out of the way for most of the day. All in all, it wasn’t a bad experience, and if anyone ever offers to pay for international packing and moving again (hah!), I won’t hesitate to take them up on the offer. Otherwise, I’ll probably stick to hand-packing. At least then I have only myself to blame for any mishandling.

Two of the more Japan-pertinent activities that occurred today was the discovery of our Japanese cell phone’s power cord and my very thorough scrounge for loose Japanese currency. (I should have enough yen on hand to buy myself a couple of soft drinks once we land in the airport if I wanted to.) It was awfully fun seeing those 100 yen coins with their elegant little cherry blossoms in my change purse again. As far as the cell goes, that probably should be handled in its own entry, but we do have a pay-as-you-go SoftBank cellphone which Darrel purchased on his last visit to Yokosuka. I have grand plans to get an NTT DoCoMo 3G phone with the whole subway pass, QR code reader, and everything, but may not have the right creds for it. I’ve heard those may require a non-foreign bank account, but we’ll see. More on cell phones next time.


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