No Net!

July 15, 2009

We’re moving into our new house tomorrow, and we’re probably not going to have our net back for another 2 weeks, so I figured I’d add a post announcing the fact.

Darrel passed his Japanese driver’s test today, and so we went ahead and sealed the deal on a Nissan Cube we’d called about last week. More about drivingĀ  in Japan and our car later as well.

I hope to begin adding photos and really fleshing out the posts, as it is, we’ve been in a week-long orientation all of last week (which I probably could have skipped…) called the “AOB” or Area Orientation Brief. The week concluded with everyone taking their written driving exam, which I passed. I’ll be taking the actual driving part this Friday.

It was an overwhelming week for me, and I didn’t get a chance to settle down and post. I’ve been rushing around doing everything like purchasing Japanese rental insurance, studying for my driving exam, filling out medical applications, etc. I’ll maybe touch on a few points next week, but it’s likely to be busy this week as well.

I’m just very happy that I figured out how to use my phone and the Yahoo Keitai services, let alone drive a car, sheesh.

Our place looks awesome btw. It’s two stories with a yard and a covered parking slot just 5 minutes from an ocean boardwalk, grocery store, and train station. We’re also immediatly next to a park and a flower garden “promenade” (path) that runs through some of the neighborhood. Photos soon!


I’ve been in Japan for about three weeks and counting now, and I’ve really obtained a new respect for “culture shock.” I’ve been meaning to fill this journal with entries, however I’m just so mentally exhausted from all the activity I hardly know where to begin. (I also apologize for typos, as this laptop cannot keep up with my typing speed and often omits or weirdly inputs stuff…)

We’re still in a transition period where we’re still lodged in a bare-basics hotel (although our honeymoon week in Tokyo is over) and it’s been a relatively slow and steady adjustment period. Tokyo was great, and I’ll do a back entry about it soon, but right now it’s down to brass tacks. Our current goal (or “imperative” as the lady at the Navy housing center so oddly put it) is to secure a roof over our heads. Last Friday (that’s Thursday for North America) we had an orientation about housing. Since we’ve begun looking at places, I’ve learned some very interesting idiosyncrasies between Japanese and American homes. I’ll detail them for you here. Read the rest of this entry »