House Warming Party

August 31, 2009

Well, the worst of the summer heat may soon be over in Kanagawa-ken (at least near the sea here on Miura peninsula where we live) but the cicadas are still out in force during the middle of the day. I had one visit me while I was hanging laundry, but he whisked off before I could get a picture of him. Now, we mostly find dead or half-dead ones on our porch and balcony–they went through a period of flinging themselves at our windows, which was nerve-shattering until I learned it wasn’t birds that were doing it.

We hosted a small party the other day in hopes of meeting some of the people Darrel works with, and also as something of a house-warming party. We’d originally planned a cook-out, but the weather is just too nasty for outdoor entertaining. Read the rest of this entry »


Open House Pt. 2

August 19, 2009

Our bedroom, windows to the south and west.

Our bedroom, windows to the south and west.

This is the second part of the open house, which is all photos of our second story. I apologize that the photos aren’t that great, I was running out of steam and often got a terrible shot. I thought about reshooting everything. However, I know myself well enough that I’d never get around to it, so in the spirit of moving forward, here’s the last few areas of the house!

Upstairs, the largest room is our bedroom, which has a lower ceiling than our last bedroom, and although larger, feels smaller because of it. Since the windows face east, we don’t get hit with sun in the morning, and the room stays bright in the evening. There’s nothing remarkably Japanese about it, other than the large, deep oshiire closet.

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Open House Pt. 1

August 12, 2009

Okay, so here’s the virtual tour of our new house. It might take some time to load on slower connections, there’s a lot of photos. Enjoy!

Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen

Notice how the sink and counter is entirely metal, rather than plastic, tile, or stone. When house-viewing, we found every house had that feature. You can also barely see the little trap doors beneath the island, which is a floor pantry for dry goods. We put MREs in there for fun (okay, for typhoon season actually).

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I’m having something of a cursed time of it trying to get photos off my camera, then fixed in PS because the camera wasn’t set to handle indoor photos, then somehow off of iPhoto, which is a bizarre and annoying application, and then finally onto my journal here. Plus, I spent at least3 hours looking for the upload cord for the camera–the first thing to be undiscoverable since the move. It did finally pop up, but by then the thing missing was my good humor. At any rate, at least I have a start.

Our kitchen!

Our kitchen!

Okay, so it looks like WordPress is going to be quick for getting the photos on here. Now I just have to edit some of the screwed up light on the originals, which I might not have time for today. Apparently my camera isn’t smart enough to know when I’m shooting indoors unless it’s told, because a lot of them came out near black, despite it being a sunny day.

Speaking of sunny days, despite the announcement the rainy season was over in the Tokyo area, hah! It’s pouring again today. It’s now August! I feel like the rain must’ve come expressly for my arrival, and I appreciate the gesture but for the first time in my life I am sick of rain!

Oh yes, I also get my new glasses today! Apparently years of constant reading and writing has left me slightly near-sighted. I’m an official member of the Stanton clan now.

We’re Online!

August 1, 2009

Finally, we’re entirely moved in and now have internet and TV in our house. Our provider is J:COM, which has a lot of support for English speakers, however our TV menus, remotes, and HDRs are entirely in Japanese. I’ve become pretty good at figuring out and remembering kanji commonly found on all manner of hardware and software these days. I’ll be sure to detail all the bizarre hardware we’ve encountered since we’ve started living here.

More updates to follow, as well as photos of the new house.