Sea Paradise

September 16, 2009


Over the course of the last weekend, we did some touristing around Yokohama and went to one of the larger attractions, not far away form Minato Mirai, the large amusement park, called Sea Paradise, or SeaPara. I’ve always liked going to aquariums, and this one was purported to be fairly large. We headed out on Sunday, which is generally the most busy shopping day here. In general, most Americans shop on Saturday and tend to rest up for Monday on Sunday, but in Japan Sunday is the big, super busy day. Most of the schools in Japan are on a 5-day week (back in 1992 it was a big hurrah when schools gave students off a single Saturday every month). Plenty of private schools still cater to the “education mama” crowd by retaining the six day week, however. Additionally, some companies run a six day week, and I’ve heard tell that some even run a seven day week. Obviously, retailers stay open during weekends as well. At any rate, the weekend isn’t the holy institution it is in the States. We have the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to thank for that.

So, while Saturday may be less busy due to school and work, Sunday is more crowded and busy than ever. This was perhaps not the best timing to visit something like an aquarium, but it had rained heavily the day before. The weather was heavenly on Sunday, which also probably increased the traffic.


2 Responses to “Sea Paradise”

  1. Darrel said

    That thar is Mt Fuji!

  2. Mommy said

    It looks beautiful – I’m glad you two are making time to see some of the sights. The weather sounds nice, too. I just love it when you post photos, would love to see some more of the seaside where you are! Love, Mommy

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